Inspired Aerial Photography & Cinematography 

iMaerial is an owner-operated low-altitude aerial photography company based in Austin, Texas and founded by photographer and videographer Gerard Juarez. As an aerial photography enthusiast, Gerard seeks to capture patterns, symmetry and everyday moments found in manmade structures and nature.

Gerard has always been at the forefront of what is possible with new photographic techniques, and with the advent of consumer UAV (drones) technology, what was once the domain of expensive helicopters can now be had at a fraction of the cost**. Practical applications (including photogrammetry data) can now be found in industries including:

• Real Estate
• Wedding/Events
• Search and Rescue
• Farming and Livestock
• Action Sports
• Wildlife Research
• LiDAR & Remote Sensing (mapping/surveying)

By pushing the boundaries of what is possible with UAVs, Gerard is pleased to offer the public a unique, visuallystunning and useful perspective of the world. ** Due to existing FAA regulations (and favorable proposed regulations due out soon), iMaerial is currently identifying potential markets and does not charge for aerial photographic services.

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